September 11, 2012 It's been a long time without updates. So let us catch you up. The Blues Car Audio line is doing well. We've been focussed on the Linear Power amplifiers and have had our heads in the sand. LP2250's and LP2150's are starting to ship in small quantities. We haven't worked out all the kinks in the production process but it is getting there.

Today is September 11. To Americans this is a day to remember our lost and thank those who allow us to live our lives how we wish. If you haven't done so lately, commit a random act of kindness to someone in the military, police, or fire department. Buy their dinner, pay their toll, or just shake their hand.

And finally we want to say goodbye to one of our own. Chris Underwood was a friend and coworker to many of us for nearly 30 years.

He was a member of Stillwater Designs Manufacturing (Kicker) in the mid 1980's when they were only about eight people operating the company. He worked for Richmond Hill Corp (the original Blues) from the late 1980's until 1995 as a key player to the company.
His last position was here with us at Linear Power, Inc. (Linear Power and Blues Car Audio).

Chris was responsible for most of our artwork. He was an avid photography buff since his father had been a professional photographer; and he supplied us with most of our product pictures.

He knew people everywhere, and could always find the right people to tackle a task for us. Without him we could never have gotten Linear Power and Blues Car Audio back off the ground.

Chris was that guy who never said he couldn't do something and it would always magically appear a few days later with no fuss. He always had a joke for you. Chris would never do a job that wasn't perfect by his standards, it had to be right before he would say yes to it. He was a personable guy, a good businessman and a great friend with high standards.

He was family!

He is survived by his wife Connie and a few beloved kitties. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Chris passed away last week, unexpectedly at the age of 64. We love you and already miss you, old friend.
God speed to you in your new journey.

August 31, 2011 We are welcoming two new dealers to the Blues Car Audio and Linear Power, Inc family. California Custom Sounds outside Cincinatti, OH and Locrew Customs in Mendenhal, MS. These guys can be found on our dealers page if you want more information.

July 31, 2011 Phoenix Arizona Evans Bishop took 2nd place in MECA SQ Stock class with a score of 88. This in itself is impressive but what is really amazing is that he just put his Blues and Linear Power system into the car days before the event. Competitors beware; as he gets this car tuned he will be a competitor to watch out for in MECA.

July 24, 2011 Tulsa, OK Rob Rice from Car Toys has signed on to be a dealer.
Rob is one of the biggest names in car audio competition owns one of the most respected shops in the country. Linear Power, Inc. and Blues Car Audio are excited to announce them as our first official dealer west of the Mississippi. You can find their website and contact information on the dealers page.

July 22, 2011 Tulsa, OKCome see us at the Hooters Car Show put on by Cancer Sucks and Car Toys of Tulsa.

July 11, 2011 It's official. Linear Power, Inc. and Blues Car Audio have signed an agreement with Iron City Marketing. Jeff Fear will be representing Linear Power, Inc. and Blues Car Audio in Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, and western Pennsylvania. We are excited to have an industry veteran out spreading the word for us.

July 10, 2011 Many of you know it as "The Vinny". Linear Power, Inc. and Blues Car Audio will have several vehicles in Lebanon, TN for the Triple point regional event. This is one of the premier events in the area.
More info can be found at Southeast Wheels Events.

June 24-26, 2011 Biloxi, MS Scrapin' the Coast. This is a HUGE event where you can come meet us and listen to our vehicles.

June 18, 2011 Tulsa, OK Rob Rice of Car Toys Tulsa put on the Oklahoma AutoSound Challenge.
Aaron Bryant took first in SQ Street
Richard Nye took first in SQ Mod Street
Richard also took first in Mod Street Install
Thanks to Rob and all the great competitors we got to spend time with on a horribly hot day. It was worth it.

June 5, 2011 Boaz, AL Wild Bills Spring Fling. Double point MECA event.

May 22, 2011 - Florence, AL Alabama Sound Off Trail kickoff party. Double point MECA competition.

May 15, 2011 - Murfreesboro, TN Madvette Spring Nationals. Triple Point MECA competition and we will be there. Murfreesboro is SE of Nashville.

May 14, 2011 - Tunica, MS. Showfest Triple Point USACI event. It's car show time. We will be at Showfest with several vehicles for you to come check out.
*Due to recent flooding Showfest has been moved. It will now be in the Harrahs Casino parking lot in Tunica.*

May 7, 2011 - Come see us!

Jackson, MS - Top Dollar Pawn is hosting a double point USACI event. Blues Car Audio and Linear Power, Inc. will have several vehicles competing. Come meet us and listen to the vehicles.

LeaAnn Flanagan - Intro SQ 1st
John Neal (6appeal) - Mod Q 1st
Randal Johnson (Cablguy184) - Super Mod Q 1st
Herman Smith - Super Mod SQ 1st
TJ Lacharite - Super Mod SQ+ 1st
Tracey - Xtreme SQ 1st
Chance - Xtreme SQ+ 1st
Incredible job guys!

Tulsa, OK - Blues Car Audio and Linear Power, Inc. will be at the Handlebars and Hotrods Indoor Car Show put on by Car Toys of Tulsa. Come meet us and listen to our sound quality vehicles competing in the MECA SQL event.

Richard Nye took first place in Mod Street SQ and Install.
Aaron Bryant took first place in Street SQ.
Congratulations to both in their very first MECA competition.

April 18, 2011 - Linear Power, Inc. and Blues Car Audio are excited to announce we are now a manufacturer sponsor of the Mobile Electronics Competition Assosciation (MECA). This organization has spent a lot of time making their sound quality events relevant and fun for competitors.

Competitors using Blues Car Audio or Linear Power equipment at MECA events can join our organized teams to ensure MECA officials park them with other team members. We will soon announce other perks that Team members receive from Blues Car Audio and Linear Power, Inc. Contact us for more details.

Visit the Team Linear Power and Team Blues Car Audio in the MECA forums.
Meca rule book can be found here. (25MB pdf)

MECA can be found at

Thanks to CA-F
We'd like to thank the guys at for giving us some space. For now we'll offer technical assistance through our forum section there. There are a lot of really helpful people that hang out there.

Come see us! March 19-21, 2011. Spring Break Nationals in Daytona Beach, Fl. This is one of the premier events of the year in car audio.
If you've never been to spring break in Daytona, do yourself a favor and make plans!

January 26, 2011 - Facebook You can now check us out on Facebook. You're already here, give us a click.

January 10, 2010 - Las Vegas, Nevada - Linear Power, Inc. and Blues Car Audio would like to extend their thanks to everyone that visited them during CES at the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino. Everyone from dealers, potential dealers, members of the media, and friends of the company came to visit. There were even several people from other manufacturers that came to the suite to meet the crew and listen to the demonstration vehicles. They’ll remain nameless since we really like those guys.

For the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show, Linear Power, Inc. hosted a suite at the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino where visitors could meet some of the people behind Linear Power, Inc. and Blues Car Audio. Inside the suite were accommodations for meetings, listen to component sets and Iso-Kits, and inspect the build quality of these products in their own hands. People really love getting a product in their own hands.

The hotel suite presented an opportunity to see how things are set up, what equipment was really used, and what demonstrations entailed. Having readily accessible vehicles in the car park allowed visitors to fully inspect what a Linear Power, Inc vehicle has (or doesn’t have) hidden under the covers. It is also the only way to truly show what a product will do in a customers vehicle. No sound board horror stories here.

New additions to the Blues Car Audio line include the BL35 and BL4 separates, the BL52CP 5” two way component set, 8” Iso-Kit, and 10” Iso-Kit. The new additions will be shipping shortly.

Powering both demo vehicles and all the speakers in the listening suite were prototypes of the new Linear Power LP2150 amplifier. This amplifier takes everything Linear Power amps were and made them better. The LP2150 is a Class A/B amplifier that produces greater than 150 watts into each of two channels. It uses only the highest quality components and materials for a no compromise approach to sound quality and reliability.

Discussions with everyone have helped solidify goals for the upcoming year. Expect to see them building stronger relationships, cultivating new relationships, and continuing to focus on making a strong showing in sound quality competitions.

All Linear Power and Blues Car Audio products are designed and built in the USA.

Shreveport, LA., October 17, 2010 – Blues Car Audio by Linear Power, Inc. is proud to announce the results of their competition team participation in the USACI World Finals. A strong showing was made in Shreveport by the Linear Power / Blues Car Audio competition team with six vehicles qualified and five competing in the event. The sixth, Ray Rayfield’s Ford Escape, was on display in the Blues Car Audio booth. They were the largest team at the World Finals and took home the trophy for team championship. The team was recognized with eight awards.

John Neal - World Champion for Mod Q
Richard Nye - Region 6 overall and World SQ Point Champion
Randal Johnson - Region 2 SQ Point Champion
Herman Smith - World Champion for Intro SQ+
TJ Lacharite - Third place in Super Mod SQ+ and third place in Open SPL

In a field heavily saturated with boom and flash the products and vehicles brought by Blues and Linear Power were strongly focused on sound quality and reliability. These vehicles attracted much attention due to their different approach to demonstrating products. Not one Blues speaker or Linear Power amplifier was damaged during a long weekend of hard abuse. TJ Lacharite was even asked to “turn it down” for the SPL awards.

Linear Power, Inc. and the Blues Car Audio product line are headed strong into 2011 starting with the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV. January 6 – 9. The competition team will be expanding its numbers in the coming year so look to see them at USACI, IASCA, and MECA events in 2011.

This momentum comes right before the highly anticipated release of the brand new line of Linear Power amplifiers.

All Linear Power amplifiers and Blues drivers are designed in house and built in the USA.

Blues Car Audio Linear Power, Inc.

October 2010 - Jackson, MS
Blues Car Audio is expanding it's line of no compromise speakers built for sound quality. Recently added models soon to be shipping are the BL3, BL4, BL5, and the long awaited ISO-KIT 10. The new models should be arriving at dealers in early 2011.

March 27, 2010 - Jackson, MS
Triple point USACi regional competition
Richard Nye - Springfield, Mo.
2004 Chevy Truck
Sound Quality
Blues™ BL65 component set front stage
Two Linear Power® 2.2HV's
Blues™ ISO-KIT 10

Richard drove from Missouri to Mississipi and overhauled his system with new Blues™ speakers. After a rushed two day install he took first in his class in Sound Quality.

October 3, 2009 - Tulsa, OK
USACi World Finals
Randal - Mississippi
1997 Chevy Truck
USACI Sound "Q"
Linear Power® PA2 AudioPath Enhancer
Linear Power® XO3 crossover
Linear Power® 2.2HV
Blues™ BL65 component set
Linear Power® 502HV
Blues™ ISO-Kit 10's
Randal claimed the Region 2 points championship and 4th overall in his class at Finals.

TJ - Mississippi
Chevy Truck
SPL Something
Linear Power® Amps and 8" Blues™ components.
TJ was the guy playing Thriller on his SPL truck which attracted a crowd for how good the top end sounded! Yes, it has a wall with a one note wonder enclosure. TJ took 4th in his class at 151.7 dB.

Alexis - Mississippi
The Diva of Mini SPL.
You'll have to excuse her lack of details, she is a minor after all.

Yeah we know those are DD subs. Our Linear Power® 4.1HVS amps beat the hell out of them on the way to a class record 180.90!

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