The most common question we get: Is this the same Blues™ I remember? In short mostly yes. The people that made Blues™ so great all moved on to other endeavors. Some of them have come back along with some new faces. Though these new faces are not new to the game. Everyone involved in Blues Car Audio™ and Linear Power® have been in car audio for decades.

Is the product the same? No, it is better! Yeah we know everyone says that. The truth is that about 90% of the mids and woofers are exactly the same parts that were originally used. Yes, they are still made in the USA. We also design everything in house.

Over the years you learn tricks that make things better. New materials have been developed. Simply put we've gotten better at what we do.

How can I buy from Blues Car Audio™? Find a dealer near you. If they were a dealer in the past, call them. I bet they know how to get a hold of us.

You can also find us at Linear Power.

Blues Car Audio™ was formed at a time when it had become apparent that car audio had strayed too far from what we believed it to be about. That time has come again.

We believe in staying true to a very simple principal; produce speakers that are elegant, well built, and have no compromises on sound quality. Our intention is to build speakers that produce music and not just sound.

We are all music lovers. This comes from the fact that most of us have played in bands, worked in pro audio, or competed in car audio. We understand your passion for music and wouldn't do this if it meant we wouldn't do justice to the talent it takes to make good music in the first place.

Now, go look at the specs and measurements under the products page.

Yes, we are all part of Linear Power so you need not worry about who's running this shindig. Ray, Jerry, and Chris are all back here doing what they do so well. The new kid Steve has spent many years in the industry has come to the company enthusiastic to be a part of such a great heritage.

We've got a bunch of our old dealers you know and love. Shortly we will have a properly organized dealer page with their contact information.